Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BEBE Love Hate Relationship

Getting past the bejeweled logo tank tops that were ever so popular in the early high school years, Bebe isnt half bad! Lately is has been one of my favorite stores, it has fun refreshing going out pieces and almost always has a take an addition 50% off sale items which no one can argue with! I bought this fabulous studded fringe vest 2 weeks ago for $69 and then found the SAME EXACT vest at XI (no not forever 21), the cheap asian 'clubwear' store for $19.50!!! I was convinced the one I got at Bebe was better quality and real suede but when I got home to check, it wasnt... same shit. If you have an XI around you I recommend going and looking hard they have some winners in there you jsut have to look away from all the horrible cheesy sublimation bubble dresses hah. XI Clothing (Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas)

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