Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lace Pants DIY


First of all I'd like to say sorry for the crappy process photos but I thought they'd be better than nothing... So here are my DIY lace bell bottom pants overall the project was way easier than anticipated, probably thanks to mom, below are the steps and good luck!

What you need....
2 yards lace fabric
Cotton spandex shorts
Sewing Machine

1. Picking out your lace may be a little tricky, we went the safe route and bought a more filled in less see-through lace because it would be easier to sew we also got the lace with me most stretch in it (which wasnt much stretch at all...) Now looking back I would have bought a more see through lace, and looking more closely at the Bona Drag pant they are more of a crochet lace.

2. Get a pattern, we used a pair of my moms flared jeans and added about an inch on each side for a bigger bell. Fold the lace over so you will cut out 2 identical strips for the pants [front and back] and repeat so you have 4 identical strips [2 fronts 2 backs]. (see picture)

3. Sew the front and back together for each leg.

4. Once you have 2 legs sewn, you will attach it to the bottom of your shorts, you want to be very careful not to stretch the shorts well sewing to avoid ripping your lace. (see picture)

5. Voila! You have amazing lace bell bottoms!

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