Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#$^%JN$# !!!

What a roller coaster of emotions... Shoe hungry I went looking for something comparable to the ASHISH Cheetah peep toe wedges from Top Shop that are a steep $300, and came across these! Wait, wait, doesnt stop there under more items from this seller is a Zoe boot knockoff, mind you not as excellent as the Sam Edelmen one but for 1/3 the price close enough! So immediately I click to my size to purchase them but they only carry sizes 5.5-8 US.... I die. I'm size 9/9.5, I'm tempted to order the 8s just for fun but shipping too and from Hong Kong is alot of work, so I hope you all enjoy this find! xox

the magical shoe ebay store (both shoes below $59)

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