Saturday, December 26, 2009

My brother Max

Goodmorning! I hope you all had festive holidays with your family and that Santa was good to you! I got to spend Christmas with my family in Arizona and my new little brother Max the Saint Bernard who is less than 1 year old but already weighs more than me! He's so precious.
Now comes the REAL treat, after Christmas shopping!! It's still early but so far I've spotted:
-40% off
-30% off
-Additional 50% off sale at Urban outfitters (in store only) <-- on my way now!!

So have fun and go crazy its the best shopping time of the year!


  1. I love this outfit and you dog is adorable!
    Christmas shopping is amazing, isn`t it? Have fun


  2. If Max is one year old and big like that, I hope he doesn't grow proportionally... :)

  3. Really love your whole outfit! (andyour dog!)
    Those boots are love. :)