Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday Night

What a fantastical weekend! Friday evening I got to strut for the Betsey Johnson fashion show in San Diego and see my old pink lady's, and DJ'ed Voyeur's Friday supper club. Then Saturday headlined at U-31 for Winter Disco, so pumped to bring out the big jams for a closing set. Thanks for having me Nicole!! <3 U-31 <3 I took to opportunity to try out more of my 'stage make-up' ideas and this time was inspired by the runway makeup from Jeremy Scott's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I also got some new DJ footage (thanks new camera!) see below. I'll have more photos from the weekend coming soon...
// Jacket: Vintage Buffale Exchange // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Potion // Gloves: Forever 21 //

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  1. Love the outfit!
    very fierce.

    Theory of a fashion victim