Monday, December 21, 2009


My latest styling secret is something I like to call 'overdressing' not because your dressing way posher than the occasion requires (because youre a fashionista and you are always dressed to kill), but because you are wearing garments 'over' others. One of my favorite overdressers is Betty from Le Blog de Betty  whether its a vest or feather collar she'll overdress the cus out of it. Overdressing is a helpful tool for making your wardrobe larger than it is, I find this especially important in the winter months when it seems like you wear the same thing everyday when you are just wearing you favorite jacket. Overdressing doesnt just have to stop above the belt but can be achieved throughout your look for example; tight high sock over tights. Below are a few examples of overdressing, but as youll notice just about every jacket and vest are interchangeable whether youre going for, hesh, punk rock, sophisticate, glam, or whatever look you choose!

Le Blog de Betty

All clothing from Forever 21

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