Sunday, March 14, 2010

A bit fuzzy on the 38th floor

WHAT a weekend. I'm so excited for the weekends now because they mean no alarm clock beeping at 7:00 am, abundant dance parties, and most importantly the freedom to dress! I almost feel as though I have too many things I want to wear and not enough days to wear them with Monday - Friday consisting of my casual business work attire... yawn. I have some excited pieces (wearing above) that I can't wait to share with you.

TOP // T-shirt: Wildfox // Skirt: Sophomore // Chain: Chains of Love (Haven Boutique SD) // Rings: Forever 21
I stopped by the Urban Outfitters on Melrose to find a basement sale selling amazing Sophomore pieces for $9.99. Being an ex Urban employee I was certain that the rocking corseted leather mini originally marked $340 must have been mis-marked but I was wrong, and thank god! I also was recommended to the Silverlake location of Crossroads where I bought this new Wildfox tee for $15! Crossroads is a sort of Buffalo Exchange copy, but with more new pieces, cheaper prices, and an amazing collection visit their website to see if they have a store near you.

MIDDLE // Dress: DIY Proenza Schoulder // Harness: Norwegian Wood (Haven Boutique SD)  // Wristlet: Betsey Johnson
I love the unique selection at San Diego's Haven Boutique! They carry rare items such as the Norwegian Wood and Chains of Love harnesses and the beloved Wildfox line. I have been investigating hands free purses so you don't have to leave your things unguarded to dance on your nights out, but still feel free to move. This betsey johnson wristlet is so great for just that, it goes on your wrist like a corsage (HAH!) and holds all the necessities. Next on my list of hands free purses is a shoulder holster.
Also pictured is my permanent hidden accessory my lip tattoo "FUTURE" I got with my boyfreind last valentines day. I think matching tattoos are pretty high up on the list of things that cause bad relationship karma, but here we are a year later and happier than ever! I love the look of tattoos but can't commit to a permanent relationship, I like change too much. If you feel the same way but still want try on some ink, I suggest a tattoo in white ink because it goes virtually invisble after 2 years, and if you still like it after 2 years you can get it re-done in a darker more permanent color.

BOTTOM // Fur: Vintage
Oh how I missed my diego loves...

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