Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY: Metal Power Shoulder Dress

Photos: The Style Shark

Step 1: Buy yourself a roll of aluminum tin available in the roofing section of Home Depot for around $13 (pictured above) and a plain black power shoulder dress. I got mine on ebay.

Step 2: Use clippers to cut off 2 sections of tin, one for thigh, one for each shoulde. We will then take these sections and cut them down into their exact size listed below, and round the corners.

Step 3: Cut out your pieces to your desired shape and size 

Step 4: After marking your armor position, we can now attach them using the glue gun just glueing the right and left edges of the armor to the garment. An alternative to glueing could be using velcro to attach the metal to the jean so then the metal pieces are removable and you could wash the garment easily.


  1. i just saw this on your lookbook, super cool! :]

  2. HOLY SH*T Whoooo ARE you? <3 meow meow

  3. I absolutely love your blog and your DIY features!