Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project Runway Finale - SPOILER ALERT

I just finished watching the season finale for Project Runway, I'm still drying my eyes it was so beautiful. Thank god Emilio's snoring collection didn't win, although a million kudos for that mythical gold dress stunner finale piece (bottom photo)! Seth Aaron is amazing, and that parachute dress left me speechless. I love how he so nonchalantly mentioned "Yeah I thought I should throw in something that moves just so you guys know I could do it" and it turned out like a masterpiece. I'm not really even gonna mention Mila's collection, it wasnt bad, but it wasnt good; it just made me go "Meh." What do you guys think??

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  1. AGREE!! I just thought Emilio was a pompous dumb fuck so I was so happy he lost. We all thought his collection was nice but SO 1994. And I hated his stupid print. Seth Aaron's was my fav and Mila's was nice too but more of a safe chic. I really wanted Emilio to be voted off and the dude with the cute family and better story to be in the top 3...those button up legging things were so fierce!