Friday, June 25, 2010

Brazzabelle X UnSteady Secret Door

Brazzabelle Bodycon
Brazzabelle Tron Leggings

I am so excited to announce that UnSteady Boutique in San Diego is releasing a top secret line called UnSteady Secret Door. I was lucky enough to be involved in this amazing line and am happy to show you sketches of some of the first pieces being designed. The line will revolve around all of my favorite things including bodycon dresses, paneled leggings, and much more which I will reveal soon... 

These hot little numbers aren't for sale just yet, but when they are there will be only limited runs of each awesomely priced one-of-a-kind garment. The items are also only available to those who have the secret password for the entrance to the Unsteady Secret Door website, which of course I'd love to share with all my favorite fashionistas so don't go too far the password will be revealed in the next few weeks. 

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