Thursday, July 22, 2010

Secret Agent Style

Top: Alexander Wang / Swim Bottoms: Custo Barcelona / Leg Holster: Skin Graft / Sunglasses: Crap 

FINALLY! It's mine, the Skin Graft Leg Holster also known as part of Voyeur Nightclub's Work Uniform, thanks to amazing Haven Boutique in San Diego. I was a little confused as to whether I wear it on my hips or waist, so I wore it on my waist (seen above) but now looking back think it may be better on the hips as to not accentuate the thighs ;). I thought it was only appropriate to pose as Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets with my watergun. Now I just can't wait for the Shoulder Holsters to come in stock so I can buy up those too!!

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