Monday, September 13, 2010

DIY Light-Up Dress Quontum Bodycon alla Katie Perry

Although Katy's is a little too bubblegum-pop for me, I was dying for something even on the same par as her light-up dress she wore to this years MET Ball. After much thought I decided the easiest and most cost effective way to light-up my wardrobe was glowsticks. I took a look in my wardrobe and saw that my Quontum dress with the bondage straps would be a perfect place to hide my glowsticks! Read how to make your own below: 

What you need:
Glowsticks (Necklace kind work best)

1. Find the seam on the side-most part of the strap and rip 3-5 seams so you have a big enough gap to insert your glowsticks. 

2. Insert your glowsticks inside the straps. I used the 3-part Necklace glowstick set and connected 2 of the pieces for the longer straps and just one for the small strap. 

3. Voila! You're done. 

If you're like me you probably may have cracked some of the glowstick while putting them inside your dress (and you definitely crack them when putting on the dress) So either put them in the dress and put on your dress right as your about to go out since the glow only lasts for 4-5 hours, or insert the glow sticks after the dress is on. 

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