Friday, October 15, 2010

Editorial Unknown // IM BACK!

Hello! I'm back. Sorry for the ins and outs lately, I've been a busy beaver (almost too busy to go shopping even.) I found this editorial on the Wildfox Blog and sadly don't know where its from but thought I would share regardless as random unknown eye-candy. Good news on the horizon however, I will be posting regularly again including lots more outfit posts since my new-ish job lets me wear whatever I want so I have great outfits on the daily! Yay! 

What I've been up too:
- Dj'ing Alot (Keep up with my DJ Blog Here)
- Frequenting the Happiest Place on Earth , with my new Season Passes (Only $215 for SoCal resdients SHAWING!)
- Churning out the LF Stores Fall 2010 Collection (Drool)  

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