Friday, November 19, 2010

Sample Sale Recap // Vince, Wildfox, Lifetime Collective, Ella Moss, Something Else, Seneca Rising, Rich & Skinny

Leather Legging $100 Orig $895
Vince Sample Sale: 
I arrived at 6:30 to a MASSIVE line. While in line I overheard a woman who said she was the 8th person inside the sale because she got in line at 2:30 pm when the sale didn't even start until 5:00 pm. After about 30 minutes in line I arrived inside to a barren room. The clothing racks maybe had 5 ugly sweaters hanging on each one. Luckily I was able to grab a pair of the leather/suede leggings but they were slightly too big but other wise would have been a great find for only $100 compared to $895 retail price. I also found a sample mongolian fur jacket but the fit was a bit off and couldn't justify buying for $200. I asked one of employees if they were replenishing stock for todays sale (5pm-8pm tonight), but he said that was everything they brought from the warehouse. So I would not bother stopping by today.

Price List:
Leather/Fur $200
Jacket/Puffy Coats $150
Blazers $100
Sweaters: $60
Dresses: $40
Woven Tops $25
Hats/Glove $10

EM Production Sample Sale (Seneca Rising, Something Else, Gar-De, Society for Rational Dress, Rich & Skinny) 
This was a showroom sample sale so everything was hung up and organized it was great! However in exchange for no chaos the prices were a bit higher but still very fair. Definitely the brand of the sale was Seneca Rising as they had many samples available and many sizes as well it was also the cheapest of the brands. 

Prices Varied 
$40 +
(Pretty good selection)

Seneca Rising:
Dresses: $30
Tops/Wovens: $25
Tees: $20
(Good prices, lots of items and sizes)
*p.s. I just realized that most of the dresses/skirts/tops are reversible and now i wish I would've bought more!

Rich & Skinny:
Shorts $45
Pants $110
(limited items and sizes)

Something Else:
Prices Varied
$30 and up
(not that cheap limited number of items) 

I would definitely check out this sale today, and while you're there check out the Lifetime Collective sale #817 (mens and womens), the Primp Sample Sale bottom floor, and the Wildfox and Ella Moss/Splendid Sales all going on in the Cooper Building Downtown 860 Los Angeles Street.

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