Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello 2013

brazzabelle, dj, producer, female, girl, hot, cage, bra top, avant garde, fashion, hair, make-up, di$count, braids, gloves, leather, bondage, music, edm, party,

brian lichtenberg, dress, glitter, platform sneakers, dj, producer, girl, female, brazzabelle, flatforms, hair, avant garde, high fashion, editorial, sequin, edm, house music

unif, hellbounds, cape dress, grai, leather, hair, makeup, brazzabelle, dj, fashion, party, edm, female, girl, black, white, gothic, editorial, avant garde
The new BRAZZABELLE 2013 press shots are in! I shot them with photographer Jon Ryan and actually used hair and make-up this year for once and I love the result!

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