Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 1: Acne Armor Jeans DIY

Today was Do-It-Yourself day I guess. I've been achin' for the Acne Armor jeans for quite sometime now, I originally axed a DIY ruling it near impossible. However today I was feeling frisky and got my brain juices flowing and with help from a friend decided to use aluminum roofing tin that is easily pliable (even for little girls) as the metal armor material. So I went to Home Depot wandered around aimlessly and out of place until I found the tin which was available in a 6" X 25' roll for around $13. I inherited a great old toolbox as well which I knew I could use to cut, ply, and contort into my desired pieces. I ended up using heavy duty scissors that my grandpa used to trim the rose bush with (name?) to cut my material into my desired shapes. My biggest unknown factor was attaching the tin panels to the jean, I initially thought to poke holes in the tin with a hammer and nail in the corners and stitch the tin to the jeans. However, it was seemingly tedious and awkward trying to sew the panels in the skinny leg of the jeans, so I impatiently took to the glue-gun to get the job done. My errors thus far are sizing of the panels, mine are too large, and the durability of the glue gun cohesion. I'll get back to you tomorrow with a full step-by-step tutorial and the finished product!

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  1. I just started looking at your blog and I think it's awesome! Those jeans are so cool! Great work.