Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2: ACNE Armor Jeans DIY

Aluminum Tin Metal
Heavy Duty Clippers
Tape Measure
Glue Gun with Fabric Glue
Cereal Bowl

1-2 Hours


Step 1: Buy yourself a roll of aluminum tin available in the roofing section of Home Depot for around $13 (pictured above).

Step 2: Use your clippers to cut off 3 sections of tin, one for thigh, one for shin, and one for knee. We will then take these sections and cut them down into their exact size listed below, and round the corners.

Shin: 5 1/2" tall x 4" wide
Knee: About the size of the bottom of a cereal bowl or 4" x 4" with metal flaps on side
Thigh: 4" tall x 5 1/2" tall

Step 3: Now you will want to lay all of your armor pieces out and contour your shin and thigh pieces to match your knee piece by cutting out half circles on the bottom of the thigh piece and the top of the shin piece. Pictured below

Step 4: Now that our armor is all done, you need to put on your pants to mark the exact positioning for your armor. The most crucial piece will be the knee piece which must go on the bottom half of your knee so you can bend freely. Mark the position with a fabric marker or sharpie and then place the shin and thigh piece above and below accordingly allowing enough room in between so they do not overlap or clash when your legs move.

Step 5: After marking your armor position, we can now attach them using the glue gun just glueing the right and left edges of the armor to the jeans. An alternative to glueing could be using velcro to attach the metal to the jean so then the metal pieces are removable and you could wash the jeans easily.



  1. im in love iwth this.i wana try this in fact.. can the glue gun be able to hold up with the jeans?

    or i should use a fabric glue also?

  2. You just need to buy the kind of glue for your glue gun that works on fabric!

  3. Is it anti rust? Just wondering about washing them! Otherwise this looks awesome (:

  4. They definitely aren't washable (at least not machine washable). If you want to wash them I would recommend using velcro to attach the metal pieces so you can remove the armor plates easily.

  5. Umm yeah, so I love this... just a few days ago I blogged about how much I was in love with the Acne army jean... and here I am browsing and there they are, but only homemade... which is much better... I would love to add your creation to my blog. Don't worry no one visits me anyway and if they do they see your awesome-ness... ok, ok... Im off to home depot to get my supplies.

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